Exclusive: From Jos With Nothing To CEO, How Did Rapper Get This Far?

Naij.com recently met up with MI Abaga and he talked about his journey to Lagos from Jos with nothing but a backpack, his relationship with current label mates as well as ex-label mate Brymo, and his romantic relationships, among others.

MI Abaga, Naij.com

MI who was recently made the new CEO of Chocolate City, taking over from Audu Maikori, described his new role as interesting. For him, it was an epic journey from where he started as a young boy growing up in Jos.

He said: “You have to understand that I came from Jos, I came in with a backpack and a laptop in it. And somehow through hard work and having a great team and mentors around me, guys like Audu Maikori, Paul Okeugu and Yahaya Maikori I have somehow been able to get here. And I guess that’s an encouragement to everyone – keep working hard and believing you’ll get there.”

Still, he notes that it is not easy being a CEO, it comes with its own challenges, he says.

“The new role has been very interesting. There’s been a lot of pressure but I hope I’m equipped to handle it,” he said. “Oh… It’s slightly different these days. I have less time to myself now. My days are pretty packed than normal now. It’s busier, you know. I wake up 8:30AM or so in the mornings, pray and work-out then I leave the house at about 10:00AM, work till 7:00PM, and about 7:30PM I’m back home. I get to bed around midnight.”