Jail reforms: U.N. officials visit Mogadishu Central Prison – See more at: http://tvcnews.tv/?q=article/jail-reforms-un-officials-visit-mogadishu-central-prison#sthash.yXYEnkWY.dpuf

Officials from the United Nations Assistance Mission (UNSOM) have visited the Somali capital’s Central Prison to assess its current status and discuss means of providing support to ensure provision of effective correctional service.

The Mogadishu Central Prison, built in 1930, is the country’s main correctional facility. But it faces major challenges of congestion, limited infrastructure, lack of basic facilities that would facilitate humane treatment and rehabilitation of inmates.

The prison’s administration is in the process of improving the infrastructure with the assistance of local businesses and the United Nations.

UNSOM officials also underscored the importance of effective correctional facilities to avoid relapse into crime.

– See more at: http://tvcnews.tv/?q=article/jail-reforms-un-officials-visit-mogadishu-central-prison#sthash.yXYEnkWY.dpuf


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