Congo opposition to resist Nguesso’s 3rd-term ambition – See more at:

Opposition in the Republic of Congo has called on the population to resist attempts at constitutional reform that could pave the way for President Denis Sassou Nguesso to seek a third term in next year’s presidential election.

The country’s opposition parties and civil society groups convened an alternative meeting after boycotting a government-sponsored forum earlier in the month which opened the possibility for Sassou Nguesso to seek another term in office.

“We, the participants of the alternative national dialogue on the respect of constitutional order and democratic political change in 2016, call on the Congolese people to resist and defend the Constitution if it were to be violated,” a statement from the gathering said.

Sassou Nguesso, who has ruled oil-producing Congo for 31 years during two separate spells in office, is banned by the current Constitution from seeking another term.

He has not said whether he plans to run, but his party and supporters have pushed for constitutional reforms, which the opposition argue is a ploy to enable him to run.

Opposition to long-ruling African leaders trying to extend their reign has triggered protests in several countries in the continent in recent months.

During a speech on Tuesday at the African Union in Ethiopia, U.S. President Barack Obama admonished African leaders who are trying to change constitutional term limits, warning that they threaten democracy on the continent.

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